Since 1984, Claude E. Keener and Gary I. Squire have been engaged in the acquisition, renovation, construction and management of residential property in Northwest Washington, D.C. At present, they own and manage more than 2000 condominiums and apartment units.

With an interest in historic preservation, Keener and Squire initially undertook the renovation of historic mansions and apartment buildings in Dupont Circle. Since then, they have completed renovation projects ranging in size from 8 to 304 units, in each case applying a “hands-on” approach founded on a relentless attention to detail.

In addition to their renovation projects, Keener-Squire have also developed vacant urban infill sites into luxurious residences. Coupling their design and construction expertise with a dedication to first-rate property management, Keener-Squire have built a well-deserved reputation for quality, service and integrity. The company takes great pride in a philosophy focused on achieving the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction.